The bestseller of night Sofia – Bedroom Premium Club returns not just renewed, but completely rethought.

About us

The authors from the design team arch. Plamen Metodiev and arch. Ivona Shahova, in collaboration with The Investor with a Vision, kept the spirit of the refined luxury of the first version of the club in the historic building of the former Italian Bank.

A new architectural layout functionally unites the three volumes in the common hall, with a pre-stage accent. The place is developed amphitheatrically to the program, which allows for good visibility from anywhere in the club. The DJs are in the center of the “Temple of Music”, close to the people and the mood, in line with the modern trend of interactivity between publications and showmaking.

The landscape location of the new furniture allows for different angles and a 360 ° panorama feel. The effect is enhanced by the added areas with 3D video mapping, lighting and sound, which create a “space” atmosphere in the familiar “Great Gatsby” Premium style.

The falsehood is absent again. Everything is made of real wood, metal, stone, glass, natural leather, natural textiles and gold leaf. Every detail is processed with meticulousness and precision.

In the consumer “plastic” and “cheap” world of our time, Bedroom Premium Club retains its boutique character with a sense of “tailor-made suit”. This is the place of demanding people, with a high criterion for the comfort of the environment, this is the club of modern “demanding people”. This is your club!